Lighting Services

Our state-of-the-art LED systems yield the highest energy savings that bring down costs in several expense categories.

Skeens Warehouse Services evaluates your current lighting layout and works closely with companies to provide new LED systems and retrofit existing lights. Our team will audit your building to create a custom lighting package based on the preferences of our clients and the needs of the building. Using reputable brands, we increase a company’s efficiency that is noticeable both in their facility and on their monthly expense reports.

  • 97% of new LED lighting retro-fits require zero out of pocket expense as the required capital costs are paid for with monthly energy savings
  • Possible qualification for Federal 179D Tax Deduction, resulting in $.60/sf savings for the total building square footage
  • Significant energy reduction and cost savings for lighting
  • Eliminate lighting maintenance cost for 5 to 10 years
  • HVAC savings due to reduced heat levels within your facility
  • Reduction in harmful emissions footprint through lower energy usage
  • Higher performing and longer lasting light source for your facility


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